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Monday, 14 May 2018



Those was the words of my hair screaming out for me to treat it, instead of putting on wigs and forgetting it’s there. 

Being a Regis hair ambassador has really made me listen, to what my hair and scalp is saying and it’s just as important as skin care.

A little bit about my hair – 
Dry hair
Afro curly
Dry scalp

Treating my hair is very simple, all I need is oils & conditioners. It’s the time what I struggle with, because my hair is so thick it takes me hours to wash, dry and style my hair. We’ve all used the excuse of “oh I can’t come out I’m washing my hair” but when I say I need a day out my life to do this - I ACTUALLY DO. 

The keratin blow dry I had, has completely changed my life. The drying and straightening time has been cut into half, much to the appeasement of my boyfriend who is forever waiting for me to get ready.
With A LOT of help from REGIS I’ve managed to get my hair looking healthy and shiny, and I’m determined to keep that up.
As a lovely gift from being a REGIS hair ambassador and part of the #HairClique, I got sent a little hair care package to help me along my hair journey.

Shampoos & Conditioners 
KERASTASE  Aura Botanica 
The shampoo of this is my absolute fave, it has no silicones or sulphates so you know your hair is going to be in tip top condition. Oh and let’s not forget about the smell which is AMAZING! It cleanses your hair within one wash, and doesn’t leave it feeling straw like dry afterwards either.
The conditioner is like a mini treatment in itself. This intense moisturising conditioner contains essentials oils, and natural ingredients that is perfect for dull and frizzy hair.

Can I say that both of these are my faves, well yes I can - THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. The shampoo is perfect for my dry scalp, I can feel it cleansing my hair and scalp without irritating it.
The smoothing quality in the conditioner leaves my hair like silk, it keeps the same condition in my hair as when I left the salon. This is the perfect shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair feeling fresh and silky.

REDKEN Extreme anti-snap
I’ve only just managed to get my baby hairs and split ends healthy, so using this around once a week really helps to stop them breaking.  
I leave it on after I’ve washed my hair overnight, and wake up and style my hair as usual. The good thing with this treatment, is that you don’t have to wash it out, less hassle YIPPEE! 
REDKEN 25 benefits All in One
I love this to freshen up my hair, almost everyday I spritz this on. I use this especially now the sun is out, YOU GOT to protect your hair people. This nourishes and conditions your hair without leaving any sticky residue on your hair. Perfect hair summer care product. 

GHD advanced split end therapy
This is my first time using the GHD products. We all know how good the stylers are, so it’s no surprise their products are to match. If you suffer with split ends or just looking for some protection, this is product is a must. It seals into your ends from the heat of your straighteners and it really makes a difference. I use this whenever I want that poker straight hair. 

I can use a whole bottle of serum or oil on my hair so quickly, my hair just drinks it up. This is the first time I actually feel like a little goes a long way. The lightness of the oil but the richness makes my hair look and feel like silk. 

WELLA Mistify Me Strong
I’m not a fan of hair spray as I feel like it leaves my hair looking dull and sticky. However when I tried this WELLA one I was so happy. It keeps my fly away hairs down and keeps my curls in places without them looking stiff. I’ve been converted! 


Tuesday, 1 May 2018


If I could describe my Regis Salon visit in one word it would be WOW! 

My hair is unruly and honestly I’m to lazy to make any effort with it, but yet I always want to at the same time. I’ve been wearing wigs for nearly 4 years now, and the most I’ve done to my hair is wash it every week. I don’t even dry my hair, i just leave it to dry naturally to minimise heat damage. 

My hair was so brittle and broken, that wigs was my only option.
4 years later I couldn’t of ever dreamt of teaming up with REGIS, and them transforming my hair into something I could only dream of. 

I went to Birmingham, Corporation Street, REGIS and was with Kelly from 9.30 to just before 1pm 


I wanted a Keratin Treatment, but after the last one I had I was VERY skeptical. 
My last Keratin Treatment at a different Salon made my hair so frizzy and dry, i swore blind I’d never have another one... Until Now! 
& my Gosh I was blessed. 
My hair is so course, that it can be unmanageable to inexperienced hands. 
Kelly (The Hair Goddess) as I’ve now nicknamed her, told me that the Keratin treatment REGIS use is beyond amazing and I will see the results I’ve been craving for. 

Just look at the before and after pictures for yourself! I walked out the salon feeling like I’d stepped of a hair advert.

Now don’t get me wrong we’ve all been to the salon and the next morning we’re back to unruly troll hair the next day. There is nothing like that fresh salon hair feeling. 


4 days later and my hair is still like that in the after picture. I haven’t straightened it I’ve just brushed it through, it doesn’t even need any products on. The Keratin treatment last up to 16 weeks, depending on how many times you wash your hair. As my hair produces oils a lot slower than Caucasian hair, I only need to wash my hair once a week. 
Kelly washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo to purify my hair of any dirt and products. 


She then applied the Keratin Mix to my hair and left it to dry for half hour. Once it was fully dried Kelly then straightened the product into my hair, using very thin sections to embed the product into the cuticle even more. This takes time and patience and someone who knows what they’re doing, it’s the make or break to the final result and how long the treatment lasts. 

I can’t thank the team at Regis enough especially Kelly. My confidence in having my hair naturally out has been lifted. 

They say a Woman with new hair is Unstoppable..

  • Loren-Renee 

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