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Monday, 6 November 2017

Loose & Curvy

I used to be scared of wearing loose or baggy clothing. 1. It would drown me 2. It made me look stumpy and 3. Nothing ever complimented my small waist and juicy bottom.

I’ve been on a little mission recently to really find myself some comfy jeans and the perfect baggy jumper where I can just chill in but also be ready to hit the shops if needed be. Now I’ve found it testing I’ve brought over 20 pairs and only a couple seem to fit now I hate returning things so I tried my hardest to get them over my bum or taper them in at the waist but meh just a nightmare!

NOTHING seems to compliment our Curves. It’s exactly the same with knitwear I either look like I’m wearing my boyfriends jumpers or I’m homeless.

Here’s some hourglass top tips to find your perfect loose fit.

• The waist is your saviour. LOVE IT. CATER TO IT. & EXAGERATE IT!
• Find jumpers where they have a sinched in waist with a belt accessory
• Those chunky knits I’m afraid are a no go, unless you go for a slimmer style. Over sized chunky knits will bury our curvy assets, so go for that finer smaller knit.

• Lets get HIGH! Not literally but with jeans on curvy shapes the higher the rise the better. Remember to love your smaller waist and keep the attention there!
• Loose mom and boyfriend? Again not literally but these style jeans are perfect for hourglass figures. Keeping the bottom loose and snugging our bottom just in the right places.

ASOS have got a huge selection of jeans and denim wear what suits all shapes and I’m in LOVE!
I found these super cute baggy mom jeans with rips in from ASOS and they’re super comfy! I love the fit of and how they hug my bum just in the right places without me looking like I’ve got a nappy on. EW! Not a good look from anyone.

Keeping on the baggy trend this super cute plunge knitwear top from TOBI I Love the colour of this and how it fits. You can see the detailing on the waist really makes it look tiny flattering my body shape.


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