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Monday, 24 April 2017

#LoveYourself Movement

I'm all for female empowerment and spreading the word of inner self belief and confidence, yet to many people seem to be pushing that down and being hateful towards others. Not only Whatever your preferred social media platform, you'll see something disturbing or some form of bullying and hateful speech. This has a huge impact on people's self confidence everyday. So what better way to stop this and block it out is to form a movement, I call it the Love Yourself Movement.

Advice, health and wellbeing to confidence building and business success. I'm spreading the word, that it's okay to feel good about yourself and SHOUT IT OUT. If you're feeling down about yourself whether it's weight, health or lack of self confidence, this Movement is there to help people gain that and start to Love themselves again. We live In a world where we are constantly being told what to do, what to wear, how to act in certain situations and not to stand out. Being invisible and fitting in is being forced upon us from a young age. Being “different” isn't cool, going for your dreams is pointless. I've had enough of that attitude hence why I started this, soon I'll be putting on events to shout it out even LOUDER. I'm so excited, so much planning is going into this and it's going to pay of with women everywhere feeling great about themselves.
From events to merchandise, Personalised T-Shirts and accessories to spread the word all over the world. Printsome have the widest range of personalised merchandise I can use, from t shirts to umbrellas. The LoveYourself Movement goods will be amazing all thanks to Printsome.

Keep a look out for events and contact the LoveYourself face book page for any business enquiries.



Friday, 14 April 2017

What Pouch?

Everyone knows I'm on a health kick from my constant updates, to my morning baby ab selfies.
We all have these hang ups about ourselves what we just can't seem to shift, mine happens to be genetics just like my luck eh? No matter how much weight i lose, or how many times I go to the gym or how lean I eat I always have this little stomach pouch what doesn't go away.
I remember being on holiday and I was slouching in the chair, and the restaurant lady come over and said in a foreign accent “ ahhhh so skinny when you stand up yet you look pregnant when you sit down” … at 13 years old I was left mortified as she said it in front of the bar tender I fancied, but even worse my self confidence was shattered for years. One comment sent me into a paranoid whirlwind about my pouch, & still to this day I'm always finding new ways to get rid of it.


Women everywhere are dropping sizes using this simple non surgical treatment every month. No pain no discomfort just 1 hour every month and your fat shall be gone! It's like a fairy godmother in a machine. Fat freezing works by using a  gentle vacuum suction that draws any fatty tissue into the applicator cup and cools It at a controlled temperature for around an hour..

After a few minutes, the treatment area will become numb and the cooling sensation will decrease. You’re are able to relax,  whilst the your having your fat froze.
I went to Aesthetic Medispa to see the lovely Louise and she reassured me that just In a few cups my pouch will be gone, unless you go back to eating a takeaway everyday this is a permanent fix for those body issues every woman has. They can can put the cups anywhere, in thinking my inner thighs next – another body hang up I hate. If you're thinking about liposuction I would a million percent try this first, you'll be amazed at results and you have no downtime just a simple trip and a relax hour on a bed while you get your fat froze. PERFECT.

See other treatments at Aesthetic Medispa

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