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Sunday, 26 March 2017


I'm like a magpie anything shiny and I'm instantly attracted to it. So when Unique Boutique UK offered me a collaboration with the new Madame La La bronzing ball, how could i say no! Even before I saw the shinyness I was instantly hooked, Free from animal cruelty and Vegan :o a product after my own heart. In this day and age no one should be testing anything on animals, let alone for our own vanity.

The only way to test out something as beautiful and glittery is this, is to apply it all over your body.
Shoulder blades
Brow bone

They all passed with an A*

You'd think by looking at it, that it would be quite heavy on your skin. WRONG! It's super light weight and highly pigmented so unless you want to Glow into space, I'd suggest using a small amount. Madame La La bronzing ball is so versatile, perfect for beach trips where you don't want anything to heavy and just want that glisten in the sun.

My favourite product for the sun season coming up.



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