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Monday, 13 February 2017


Meso what? Meso happy I tried this treatment.. (not my strongest joke)

If i told you i had someone stab me multiple times very fast with a needle, you'd think i was crazy and a liar right.. well not a liar but somewhat of a little crazy. Meso therapy isn't a filler or botox it's a mixture of vitamins and antioxidants being directly injected into your skin, for an instant freshness and glow. Meso therapy rejuvenates the complexion and tightens and firms the skin, giving a youthful appearance and fixes any blemishes you might have.

I simply wanted a firmer lower face, I continuously moan about my round face and it not being tight enough, so i thought this would be perfect. Obviously i didn't expect facelift results, but i was pleasantly surprised by how my skin started to change over the next few days. I wish i had it done all over my face now, my skin was glowing!
Some claim this is better than botox and fillers .. Im still a lover of fillers however i do think if you're suffering with ageing skin, or your skin isn't as taut as it once was, this definitely is an option before you should consider botox.

I had this done in Manchester by the lovely Savannah at Miss Hudson Aesthetics, her clinic is gorgeous. She reassured me the whole way and made me feel at ease.



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