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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Balayage Queen Imogen Thorpe

I'm a solid brunette at heart, but I always love the multi tonals of lighter hair. From the days where I used a home box die and turned myself turn into Chuckie from the Rugrats, a nearly bald one at that with endless amounts of hair falling out. Luckily i have A LOT of hair so no biggie! Now i've finally gone to a professional and it feels like a big achievement, a milestone into adulthood and hair freshness.

The hair extensions I had died and the ones I live by, is my Joanne Rozalin hair weave. The hair she uses is amazing and it just shows with how it's been able to die so easily and still remain in amazing condition. I've had this hair now for five months, It's been died, washed, straightened and curled and it's so silky I LOVE IT! This hair will easily last me for over a year.

Imogen Thorpe is the UK's most renowned balayage Queen, there's only a handful of people who can create a masterpiece when it comes to this technique and she's one of them. Self trained in the art and truly making women everywhere look like goddesses.

Me being ME i went with an album full of hair ideas, all completely different of course in every way possible. I had an expectation of 1000 different colours and i wanted them all, but thats what us girls do, right!

I am unbelievably happy with the results literally never expected it to turn out like this, i thought i'd want to go lighter but this is perfect for me especially in the winter. BUT Who knows maybe in the summer i'll be going for another trip..

Can't thank Imogen enough, such a lovely down to earth girl who really loves what shes doing and it shows.
If you're looking for balayage, enquire with Imogen i promise she won't disappoint.

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