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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

UnWash your Hair.

Washing you hair extensions can be a nightmare, you never know which shampoos or conditioners will work or even ruin your hair! It gives me so much anxiety when I'm washing them, because who knows if they'll come out silky smooth or like rats tails covered in hay...

Lately I've been using my Unwash kit on my hair extensions and it's kept them in pristine condition, with a gentle cleanser in and no sulphate detergents I was reassured that washing my hair would feel great again. Getting rid of the harshness of the traditional washing system, UnWash are the first professional co wash at home products.

Using my Bio cleansing conditioner, UnWash have infused it with Organic evening primrose oil this gives you a lasting hydration and removes frizz. This can be used on a daily basis for those with oilier hair.

The Anti residue cleanse is perfect for when you have build up or have used too much hairspray and need a cleanse to get all the dirt out. This gets rids of all the nastiness but doesn't strip your hair of the natural oils.

To restore the moisture balance I used the Hydration Mask after my cleanser, which was great for my ends. This mask gave my hair a shine and made it go silky smooth, like I was fresh out of the hairdressers.


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