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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Lets get Nosey...

Its no secret that I'm a huge beauty product and cosmetic surgery lover, I've had my fair share of bad procedures, and learnt a great lesson along the way. So with my trust being fully restored with Soul Care Aesthetics I can finally start getting my insecurities fixed by true professionals. Its a strange world what we live in, that any small bother we have filler can usually fix it. Thats not to say we should all be filling our faces with juvederm or Restylane, but there's no harm with having a little bit here and there. Im all for enhancing my features what I've already got NOT changing them.

I have always been bothered about my rounded facial features, I've never quite fully grown up with my face. You know where your jaw starts to chisel more and you get the sexy lines on your face... you know what i mean! I tried cheek fillers a long time ago and they was horrendous i was left with two big lumps on my face i looked like id been hit with a cricket bat TWICE! So this time I decided I would go to Soul Care OBVIOUSLY and have my nose tweaked.

FRONT PHOTO - Before slight nose change 

                                                   FRONT PHOTO - After slight nose change

Using no numbing cream this was a quick and simple procedure, it takes a week or so for it to settle down at that point you can chose to have some more or leave it. I wanted my nose to be more defined so it would centre my face features, and bring everything together. I'm so pleased with the results, people can't even notice as it's only a small change - I always say the smallest changes make the biggest impact, now my confidence has grown and I couldn't be any happier.

P.S This was a girly day with my friend Millie, who has else has girly days at your cosmetic surgery place?

Please do not judge these are my insecurities what i have personally chosen to fix, and i'm very pleased with the results so be happy for me :) :) 


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