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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Heavens Hotline - Sandrea Mosses

Ever wanted to speak to someone who passed away just letting them know that you still love them and ask if they're okay?
Or even just some reassurance that you're on the right track with life?

Well that's exactly what i encountered the other week. A personal and memorable experience with Sandrea Mosses a psychic. She's been featured in OK! Magazine, The Sun and The Daily Mirror.
 Now I didn't go into the reading with the expectations that she's going to tell me everything I wanted to hear, because of course I'm going to be sceptical when its the unknown and the unproven - no one knows what happens when we die or what will happen in the future, we just simply have hope and a belief that we go on to a better place.

Losing someone is hard and missing them everyday is just as hard, especially when you know you can't see them.

I prepared myself by going in with no make up as I knew just one thing would make me cry, call me an emotional wreck but this experience meant a lot to me. Something I've never gotten over and always wondered why I'd never had a "sign" or ghost experience like others had.

Me being me and a bit of a dreamer with my thoughts, I was honestly expecting some kind of mystic cave with crystal balls everywhere and for Sandrea to be dressed like a belly dancer waving her fingers over the crystal ..... Thankfully completely the opposite she was a lovely lady who had no distractions in the room, she welcomed with a hug and in an instance I felt comfortable.

Now some of things she said of course in the back of my brain I was like hmmm you could've researched this, BUT and this is a big but and buts cannot lie! 90% of the things she told me you would have to be 1 of a handful of people to know about, nothing on my social media would've told her or gave her a clue with what to say. At the moment I knew she was the real deal, i relaxed in knowing what she was saying was the pure truth. I came out with a sense of relief and I felt a lot lighter, carrying grief around with you for many years gets tough you can't move on or see any future.

It's nice to know that you can have a connection with the other side, if you're feeling down or miss them.
Imagine Sandrea being like a telephone that connects you to someone, you never thought you'd reach again. If you have lost someone or just want to know about your future I highly suggest going to see Sandrea, a truly lovely lady.

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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Lets get Nosey...

Its no secret that I'm a huge beauty product and cosmetic surgery lover, I've had my fair share of bad procedures, and learnt a great lesson along the way. So with my trust being fully restored with Soul Care Aesthetics I can finally start getting my insecurities fixed by true professionals. Its a strange world what we live in, that any small bother we have filler can usually fix it. Thats not to say we should all be filling our faces with juvederm or Restylane, but there's no harm with having a little bit here and there. Im all for enhancing my features what I've already got NOT changing them.

I have always been bothered about my rounded facial features, I've never quite fully grown up with my face. You know where your jaw starts to chisel more and you get the sexy lines on your face... you know what i mean! I tried cheek fillers a long time ago and they was horrendous i was left with two big lumps on my face i looked like id been hit with a cricket bat TWICE! So this time I decided I would go to Soul Care OBVIOUSLY and have my nose tweaked.

FRONT PHOTO - Before slight nose change 

                                                   FRONT PHOTO - After slight nose change

Using no numbing cream this was a quick and simple procedure, it takes a week or so for it to settle down at that point you can chose to have some more or leave it. I wanted my nose to be more defined so it would centre my face features, and bring everything together. I'm so pleased with the results, people can't even notice as it's only a small change - I always say the smallest changes make the biggest impact, now my confidence has grown and I couldn't be any happier.

P.S This was a girly day with my friend Millie, who has else has girly days at your cosmetic surgery place?

Please do not judge these are my insecurities what i have personally chosen to fix, and i'm very pleased with the results so be happy for me :) :) 



Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Time Statement

Fashion is always about which clothes fit right or what colours compliment each other best, sometimes a simple classic piece can really make your outfit come alive. Burlingham London have the most beautiful and classic time pieces, crafted with such precision and held with elegance. These will bring an ore to any outfit you chose to accessorise with them. See how styled mine -


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

UnWash your Hair.

Washing you hair extensions can be a nightmare, you never know which shampoos or conditioners will work or even ruin your hair! It gives me so much anxiety when I'm washing them, because who knows if they'll come out silky smooth or like rats tails covered in hay...

Lately I've been using my Unwash kit on my hair extensions and it's kept them in pristine condition, with a gentle cleanser in and no sulphate detergents I was reassured that washing my hair would feel great again. Getting rid of the harshness of the traditional washing system, UnWash are the first professional co wash at home products.

Using my Bio cleansing conditioner, UnWash have infused it with Organic evening primrose oil this gives you a lasting hydration and removes frizz. This can be used on a daily basis for those with oilier hair.

The Anti residue cleanse is perfect for when you have build up or have used too much hairspray and need a cleanse to get all the dirt out. This gets rids of all the nastiness but doesn't strip your hair of the natural oils.

To restore the moisture balance I used the Hydration Mask after my cleanser, which was great for my ends. This mask gave my hair a shine and made it go silky smooth, like I was fresh out of the hairdressers.



Winter with Quiz.

Winters is here so lets wrap up and get those boots and fur out. Quiz clothing knows how to do winter and here are some of my go to styles with Quiz.

Bardot Top from Danielle Armstrong range with QUIZ.

Suedette Jacket

PU skinny trousers

Diamonte stud jumper dress

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