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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Timeless Beauty

Joan Collins has released her new luxury beauty range called Timeless Beauty, from nail varnishes to lipsticks Joan has created a range whats truly beautiful and suits any age and any skin tone. The products are real show stoppers empowering glamour throughout, not only in packaging and colour but also the product itself, the texture and finish makes you feel beautiful.

With a signature Red lipstick called 'Crystal' this has a blue undertone which matches EVERY skin colour. With festive season being in full swing this is a must have red lipstick to keep in your bag for any celebrations what come your way. 

You can't go through Autumn without a purple lipstick and if you do, you are CRAZY! Named after the creator herself - Lady Joan. This moisture rich lipstick leaves you looking like a Goddess, I lined this lipstick with a lip liner from the Timeless Beauty range called ''Plum'' as you can see, it leaves a high shine what almost looks like you're wearing gloss. 

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