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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Edge Nails - Annika Collection

Pet Hate - nails chipping after polishing them only a day ago. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Every girls mare is chipped/smudged polish, no one wants ugly looking nails. Lately I've been using the Edge nails - Annika nail polish range, who have just launched their new nail polish collection. As a blogger you're constantly on the laptop or phones researching or blogging, so nails get chipped easily! I've being wearing Deep Velvet now for five days and it hasn't chipped once, with only slight wear and tear down on the end of my nail it's still in pristine condition. WHAT THE BEAUTY GOD! You don't even need a top coat it carries on being shiny as the days go by.

I change my nail colour regularly so it's nice that I can have a nail polish what doesn't leave staining, but don't be fooled this is still very pigmented - perfect combo right?  I love this nail polish and the fact that is only £3.50 makes my life a hell of a lot easier, don't you just hate spending a lot on nail polish when it's not even worth it.

Nails get darker to match the nights drawing in. Majestic season is here and we should combine it with our nails.


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