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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

What weave? - Joanne Rozalin Hair Extensions

It's rare to find a life long brand you can really trust these days, especially when it comes to hair extensions. You pay a bomb for so called Brazilian 100% human hair virgin bla bla - only for it to last a maximum of 6 weeks, it seems like as the years goes on the hair gets terrible but the price still shoots up! What is it with the hair extension industry? I've tried a huge amount of brands from the big dogs to the smaller business and still, I'm always left unhappy. Thankfully i've been using Joanne Rozalin now for about a year and can honestly say I've found a life long brand, the quality is beyond amazing there is no chemical smell on the hair and it's pure untouched. My clip in hair extensions are still in perfect condition it looks like my weave is constantly fresh, however this time i wanted something more fuller and covering the whole of my head.

                                                         I opted for a lace frontal wig

Joanne sources the hair herself and makes them by hand, she is a true artist and you know if you order of her you'll be getting a killer wig! WIG is a scary word as you see so many bad ones around all looking like the Halloween ones you buy in Home Bargains, this puts many people off. Joanne Rozalin's Wig standard is on level with the likes of Blac Chyna, Beyonce and Kylie Jenner, who are all openly wearing different colour wigs. Ive never felt quality like i have with this hair, i know it will last me a long time. The good thing about wearing wigs is that you can take them off and change colours whenever you like, perfect for someone who gets bored of there hair quickly. Im thinking a burgundy colour next.. what do you think?

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