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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

AmpikaLox for my Lox

Having the best hair in the business Ampika Pickston has launched a shampoo and conditioner line for every hair lovers need! Thinking about my own hair I knew I needed some life back into it, with having tight curly hair it can go dry and frizzy looking so quickly, the thought of doing my own hair and washing it fills me with dread. Having stresses with my tresses I leant on Ampika's range to sort me out.

With a few different shampoos and conditioners from her range, the moisturising one is truly my favourite. My hair felt enriched with goodness and taken on a new lease of life. My hair smelt amazing i was constantly telling people to have a whiff of my hair, not so effective when meeting new strangers but my friends and family certainly loved it. Containing Argan Oil and Coconut Oil to nourish your hair and adding an orchid extract to help with frizz and shine, it brought my hair back to life within ten minutes.

My other products was the Bamboo Colour Care to which i haven't had chance to use this yet as im waiting to get my hair coloured. If it's as good as the Orchid range then I can't wait. I also brought a Rebalancing one, my scalp is very sensitive and can get really dry so I needed something to help and soothe my scalp in between washes. The Lily Rebalancing range claims to nourish, and calm the scalp while moisturizing it at the same time. I only used the conditioner for this and gave myself a head massage along with it, clearly not the same as going to the salon but Hey Ho I made do! I left it on for five minutes even though it only recommends two, but i could feel it working and liked the tingly sensation on my head.

You know something is good when you just want to buy everything in the range. I've made myself a hair promise to give my scalp a Lily monthly treatment.

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