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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Soul Care Aesthetics - Hydrafacial

Who doesn't love a facial? The feeling of being pampered and your skin being cleansed and hydrated in a beautiful way. I adore beauty treatments that's no secret, I love instant results and that inner majestic feeling you get when you know something is working for you.
I took a trip to Cannock, Staffordshire after seeing MANY celebs attend this clinic. My first thought was wait - MY HOME TOWN IS ATTRACTING CELEBRITIES! My mouth dropped open whilst I done my research.

Soul Care Aesthetics has teamed up with Ampika Pickston (RHOC) Beauty Salon OPIUM, in Cheshire. Also being featured in OK magazine, Daily Mail, Reveal and many more with the likes of Jay from Geordie shore, as well as Stephanie davies having special pregnancy treatments (pampering her and bump at the same time HOW CUTE) Not only that but celebrity agent Kym Rowlingson puckering her pout up, closely followed by Big Brother Beauty Laura Carter recently showing us how to get your lips done properly by Dr Ian Morgan at Soul Care Aesthetics. 

I booked myself a treatment and two days later there i was having a great time, the facial left me looking so smooth and shiny i felt like a new me. Recently my skin has been feeling dull and just not sparkly enough, but thanks to Soul Care Aesthetics with their new hydrafacial treatment i feel like a new born princess.

Step 1. Lymphatic drainage
Feeling sorry for the girl cleansing my skin and removing my MAC Make Up, we finally got down to the lymphatic drainage. Just a simple procedure yet one of the most important, this was a light suction on the skin bringing fresh lymph to restore hydration and firm the skin.

Step 2. Cleansing and Exfoliation
Gently exfoliating my skin, while reviving it with lactic acid and other botanical extracts to cleanse and nourish the skin. Such a light exfoliation i got worried that it wouldn't remove any dirt, however the tingly feeling my skin had I knew id get benefits either way from this facial.

Step 3. Brightening serum
Applying the Glycolic and Salicylic solution, this was important for the next step of Extraction. Loosens any left over debris as well as brightening your skin, and left my skin looking like sparkly unicorn.

Step 4. Extraction 
Honestly, this hurt me! The pressure and the suction from drawing out all my blackheads and impurities was very sharp, now i can handle pain when it comes to beauty and i knew this was all part of the process of the facial and would be over in minutes. If you think about ever having to squeeze a blackhead out yourself you now it's painful anyway, the machine just does it more efficiently.

Step 5. Hydration
Having a cocktail (none alcoholic) of hydrating hyaluronic acid and most powerful antioxidants applied to my skin, i felt a strange feeling wash over my face. I felt like an human air wave, the fresh feeling and hydration was amazing.

Step 6. Rejuvenation
The most relaxing part which nearly made me fall asleep, was the LED light. Reducing redness for the six part facial stimulating collagen and leaving my skin GLOWING!

Feeling like a new woman with a spring in my step I couldn't stop smiling. 

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