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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Lip Filler Journey - Re shape

My lip journey is still on going, but thankfully I'm in the right hands to get my lips evened out.

Ian Morgan of Soul Care Aesthetics Cannock dissolved my lips last week, and I came back for a re shape. After a year of being left feeling insecure and covering my mouth when I talk, and not forgetting the editing out I had to do on pictures because my mouth was so lumpy. I'm finally getting the lips I've always wanted! 

After my confidence was lifted by having the dissolver, I went in for another treatment to have them re filled. 

Using this new technology TEOSYAL PEN which reminded me of Dr Who's screwdriver, you get more precision and less pain. TEOSYAL PEN Motto is 
"Why suffer in the name of beauty" 
Which is very true considering, last time I felt like I was having mushy peas pumped into my lips. Although you have numbing cream on before you can sometimes still feel it and it can become quite uncomfortable, but this new pen reduces the pain by 50%. As everything is controlled electronically, Ian Morgan was able to focus on the gel placement meaning better results for the both of us! 

I keep comparing everything to the last time I had my lips done, because it was so extreme. I was so worried about the swelling of my lips, to my surprise I had hardly any! My lips didn't touch my nose like they did last time, and I could still talk properly! 

This is what going to a professional feels like - pure happiness and tranquility. I felt so emotional after the treatment because after such a long time of feeling down, I felt comfortable with how they looked and my insecurities had finally been lifted. 

See my procedure below at Soul Care Aesthetics with Ian Morgan.

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