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Friday, 26 August 2016

Juice Weekender

If I don't leave the house without 100% battery I go into panic mode, something so small what affects 99.9% of us in big ways! Your battery always dies at the moments you need it - whether you're 72 weeks deep into your exes girlfriends Instagram, stalking your new boo's Facebook tagged photos or dancing the night away at some festival. Prime moments in life where you need your phone in full swing. 

With the help of Juice they have our every need and moment covered! Capable of charging your iphone up to 4x Samsung up to 6 and your iPad airs up 70%. Panic mode over yet? It even has a USB port to charge another device! So when your packing for a weekend away camping glamping or just generally out dancing! Don't forget your juice weekender.

Mine now comes everywhere with me. Juice do so many colours I obviously opted for black but wish I went for a more vibrant colour! From a mere £35 you'll get your money's worth in a couple days. It is thick and bulky, but that's because of how many devices you can charge. By the end of the day I was used to the size and quite liked having it on me just incase. Juice do an array of devices from USB only to a rapid charge juice power station. 

Ill never go anywhere without my JUICE 
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