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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Etched Drinks

The perfect drink in the sun with fresh lime and lemon and sparkling glass of lemonade. Of course I'm on about Gin! This drink was made for long lunch hours basking in the sunlight.

Etched Drinks provide a bespoke and personalised service to your favourite tastes, from 
Vodka to Beer all under one roof. A simple and unique service that is perfect for presents or anniversary gifts. 

I had a very special birthday coming up and wanted to add my own touch to my boyfriends present. He loves gin so I thought PERFECT lets try out Etched Drinks. Trying to come up with something clever to put on the label was the hardest part, the rest was made easy by Etched. A quick simple 3 step process what took no longer than 15 minutes, and most of that part was me deciding which label to use. The labeling process can be done either by using Etched templates, which you can change the picture and text or going fancy and full on designing your own. Once you've created and completed your order delivery takes up to a week, now i've never ordered Alcohol online so i was a bit apprehensive. The thought of my order not turning up on time or being a really cheap knock off version of Blackwoods Gin was worrying, especially when my boyfriend is a bar manager and knows good alcohol.

To my delight the surprise and Gin went down extremely well, i'm already planning my next order with Etched. Perfectly personalised service and packaged well, arriving with plenty of time and TASTING GREAT! 



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