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Friday, 26 August 2016

Juice Weekender

If I don't leave the house without 100% battery I go into panic mode, something so small what affects 99.9% of us in big ways! Your battery always dies at the moments you need it - whether you're 72 weeks deep into your exes girlfriends Instagram, stalking your new boo's Facebook tagged photos or dancing the night away at some festival. Prime moments in life where you need your phone in full swing. 

With the help of Juice they have our every need and moment covered! Capable of charging your iphone up to 4x Samsung up to 6 and your iPad airs up 70%. Panic mode over yet? It even has a USB port to charge another device! So when your packing for a weekend away camping glamping or just generally out dancing! Don't forget your juice weekender.

Mine now comes everywhere with me. Juice do so many colours I obviously opted for black but wish I went for a more vibrant colour! From a mere £35 you'll get your money's worth in a couple days. It is thick and bulky, but that's because of how many devices you can charge. By the end of the day I was used to the size and quite liked having it on me just incase. Juice do an array of devices from USB only to a rapid charge juice power station. 

Ill never go anywhere without my JUICE 
Twitter: JuiceOfficialUK



Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Gimme Those Benefit Brows

Every girl is in a relationship with their eyebrows. You hate them, you love them, and you treat them every two weeks for a trim! So it's no wonder that when it comes to make-up eyebrows have probably pipped it with buying endless gels, brushes, brow shade and pencils to get them perfect. So thankfully Benefit has brought out a whole line to help take brow obsession and brow relationship to the next level. They've been distributing samples in top magazines all month, so i thought why not test before i buy! Needless to say i'm of to purchase the whole brow set because im ADDICTED - Thanks Benefit.

I've always been an angled brush and gel kinda gal, perfecting my arch and making it so popping it should be illegal! However as the summer is here, I prefer a softer arch. Thanks to Benefit they have products to suit every shape and style. 

Before any product (I have semi permanent tattooed brows) 

I outline my brow with the Goof Proof pencil in shade 6(deep), I always leave a gap at the start of my brow. 

After I've filled in half my brow with the pencil I go over it with the Gimme Brow Volumizing Gel
 in shade 5. This tames the hairs and adds thickness. 

Taking the Goof Proof pencil in shade 3, I shade in the start of my brow with light horizontal strokes.

Finally I add the Ready, Set, BROW! Clear gel to keep my brows in place all day.

Finishing the brow with a highlighter underneath 



Sunday, 21 August 2016

Lip Filler Journey - Re shape

My lip journey is still on going, but thankfully I'm in the right hands to get my lips evened out.

Ian Morgan of Soul Care Aesthetics Cannock dissolved my lips last week, and I came back for a re shape. After a year of being left feeling insecure and covering my mouth when I talk, and not forgetting the editing out I had to do on pictures because my mouth was so lumpy. I'm finally getting the lips I've always wanted! 

After my confidence was lifted by having the dissolver, I went in for another treatment to have them re filled. 

Using this new technology TEOSYAL PEN which reminded me of Dr Who's screwdriver, you get more precision and less pain. TEOSYAL PEN Motto is 
"Why suffer in the name of beauty" 
Which is very true considering, last time I felt like I was having mushy peas pumped into my lips. Although you have numbing cream on before you can sometimes still feel it and it can become quite uncomfortable, but this new pen reduces the pain by 50%. As everything is controlled electronically, Ian Morgan was able to focus on the gel placement meaning better results for the both of us! 

I keep comparing everything to the last time I had my lips done, because it was so extreme. I was so worried about the swelling of my lips, to my surprise I had hardly any! My lips didn't touch my nose like they did last time, and I could still talk properly! 

This is what going to a professional feels like - pure happiness and tranquility. I felt so emotional after the treatment because after such a long time of feeling down, I felt comfortable with how they looked and my insecurities had finally been lifted. 

See my procedure below at Soul Care Aesthetics with Ian Morgan.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fiorelli Bag - Lesley Ashworth

The only bags i love are the ones i can carry and put my lip gloss and phone in. Lesley Ashworth have the most amazing collection i have ever seen and i was instantly drawn to the new Fiorelli range.

If you love bags just as much as me then you'll know Fiorelli make bags for every occasion and style possible, meaning it's hard to pick one favourite. I have bags what go inside bags and bags what hang of bags, but i just cant get enough. Here's how i styled this week's MUST BUY!


SHOP the Fiorelli range at LESLEY ASHWORTH NOW


Etched Drinks

The perfect drink in the sun with fresh lime and lemon and sparkling glass of lemonade. Of course I'm on about Gin! This drink was made for long lunch hours basking in the sunlight.

Etched Drinks provide a bespoke and personalised service to your favourite tastes, from 
Vodka to Beer all under one roof. A simple and unique service that is perfect for presents or anniversary gifts. 

I had a very special birthday coming up and wanted to add my own touch to my boyfriends present. He loves gin so I thought PERFECT lets try out Etched Drinks. Trying to come up with something clever to put on the label was the hardest part, the rest was made easy by Etched. A quick simple 3 step process what took no longer than 15 minutes, and most of that part was me deciding which label to use. The labeling process can be done either by using Etched templates, which you can change the picture and text or going fancy and full on designing your own. Once you've created and completed your order delivery takes up to a week, now i've never ordered Alcohol online so i was a bit apprehensive. The thought of my order not turning up on time or being a really cheap knock off version of Blackwoods Gin was worrying, especially when my boyfriend is a bar manager and knows good alcohol.

To my delight the surprise and Gin went down extremely well, i'm already planning my next order with Etched. Perfectly personalised service and packaged well, arriving with plenty of time and TASTING GREAT! 




Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Chokers by True Treasures

If you haven't got a Choker then where have you been? They're a household item, a must have for finishing of outfits.

Started in the 90's they've always been in trend, but recently they've smashed their way through the 90's rave to the high street and now can be seen on catwalks. Naomi Campbell is a huge fan and has carried this fashion statement from red carpets styles through to daytime lounge looks. 

True treasures have gone all out with Chokers stepping the game up from the classic plastic swirl choker, to now adding the Kim K denim frayed look +  many more. Here are my top favourites:

Check out more styles here from True Treasures:



Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Jasmine style - MINNA VANILLA

Hi Princess jasmine here,

Just kidding its me Loren, but this play suit makes me feel like princess jasmine. Perfectly teaming up with a cute lace choker, to add that edge to the all girly style outfit. Style with wedges or sandals, making it the perfect go to summer look. 


Playsuit - Minna vanilla 

Choker - True treasures 



I see thru you - MINNA VANILLA

Ever have one of those dresses where you instantly feel like Beyoncé in crazy in love video (hair flick) well this is mine -

This black mesh midi dress is a perfect combination of class with that added sex appeal. I chose to combine mine with a black bodysuit, but you could also wear a nude bodysuit or even a longline vest top for more coverage.





Sunday, 14 August 2016

Lip Filler Journey - Dissolver

These past two years the world went lip filler mad, we saw offers like

Half price fillers
Bring a friend and get yours FREE! 
50% of your first filler treatment.

Beauticians were doing day courses to offer fillers in their salons, fillers were being brought online and people were injecting themselves. So it's no wonder we're seeing the aftermath of that craze! 
And it's not a pretty site. 

Before dissolver treatment

After a bad experience and being left with lumpy uneven and painful lips, I avoided all cosmetic advice to go and have them fixed. However I found reassurance after watching Laura Carters lip filler video, conducted by Mr Ian Morgan at Soul Care Aesthetics, her video made me relaxed and happy that he would do mine correct, and I plucked up the courage to make an appointment.

Four days after dissolver treatment

I'll keep you updated with how my lip filler correction journey goes.


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Soul Care Aesthetics - Hydrafacial

Who doesn't love a facial? The feeling of being pampered and your skin being cleansed and hydrated in a beautiful way. I adore beauty treatments that's no secret, I love instant results and that inner majestic feeling you get when you know something is working for you.
I took a trip to Cannock, Staffordshire after seeing MANY celebs attend this clinic. My first thought was wait - MY HOME TOWN IS ATTRACTING CELEBRITIES! My mouth dropped open whilst I done my research.

Soul Care Aesthetics has teamed up with Ampika Pickston (RHOC) Beauty Salon OPIUM, in Cheshire. Also being featured in OK magazine, Daily Mail, Reveal and many more with the likes of Jay from Geordie shore, as well as Stephanie davies having special pregnancy treatments (pampering her and bump at the same time HOW CUTE) Not only that but celebrity agent Kym Rowlingson puckering her pout up, closely followed by Big Brother Beauty Laura Carter recently showing us how to get your lips done properly by Dr Ian Morgan at Soul Care Aesthetics. 

I booked myself a treatment and two days later there i was having a great time, the facial left me looking so smooth and shiny i felt like a new me. Recently my skin has been feeling dull and just not sparkly enough, but thanks to Soul Care Aesthetics with their new hydrafacial treatment i feel like a new born princess.

Step 1. Lymphatic drainage
Feeling sorry for the girl cleansing my skin and removing my MAC Make Up, we finally got down to the lymphatic drainage. Just a simple procedure yet one of the most important, this was a light suction on the skin bringing fresh lymph to restore hydration and firm the skin.

Step 2. Cleansing and Exfoliation
Gently exfoliating my skin, while reviving it with lactic acid and other botanical extracts to cleanse and nourish the skin. Such a light exfoliation i got worried that it wouldn't remove any dirt, however the tingly feeling my skin had I knew id get benefits either way from this facial.

Step 3. Brightening serum
Applying the Glycolic and Salicylic solution, this was important for the next step of Extraction. Loosens any left over debris as well as brightening your skin, and left my skin looking like sparkly unicorn.

Step 4. Extraction 
Honestly, this hurt me! The pressure and the suction from drawing out all my blackheads and impurities was very sharp, now i can handle pain when it comes to beauty and i knew this was all part of the process of the facial and would be over in minutes. If you think about ever having to squeeze a blackhead out yourself you now it's painful anyway, the machine just does it more efficiently.

Step 5. Hydration
Having a cocktail (none alcoholic) of hydrating hyaluronic acid and most powerful antioxidants applied to my skin, i felt a strange feeling wash over my face. I felt like an human air wave, the fresh feeling and hydration was amazing.

Step 6. Rejuvenation
The most relaxing part which nearly made me fall asleep, was the LED light. Reducing redness for the six part facial stimulating collagen and leaving my skin GLOWING!

Feeling like a new woman with a spring in my step I couldn't stop smiling. 


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Blossoming Gifts


Sunflowers in the sunshine.

I'm not one to buy flowers online as it always scares me of how they turn up, but as life gets busier and Internet takes over why shouldn't we trust online companies to make our lives that little bit easier. 

Every home should have a fresh bunch of flowers so I thought I would try out Blossoming Gifts. From flowers to hampers they have wonderful array of choices online, and I thought with this lovely sunshine why not by some flowers to match. I purchased and within two days they arrived at my door, still full of life all bundled up. 

You can't help but smile when you see Sunflowers.

So pleased with my flowers and the customer service I received from blossoming gifts, I will be a regular customer from now on. 


Loves Adores - Sundress


Summer is here and the UK is finally having some heat! I know strange to think of England having a good summer, but let's celebrate by wearing the latest Sundress trend and drinking Pimms.

Sundress - 


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