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Monday, 13 June 2016

Maintain those lashes

Everyone always says that it's to high maintenance up keeping eyelash extensions. If you want fluttery flirty eyes as soon as you wake up, nothing is ever too much. 

As a lover and a regular customer at Benito Brow Bar they introduced me to Nouveau lash sealer, you apply it every day on your lashes which coats and seals them for longer while giving your natural lashes nutrients. 
At first I was like urmmm no thanks for £16 and a thin tube, I was quite sceptical and wasn't expecting miracles.

I could kick myself for not purchasing it the first time, I've only been using it for a week and I already notice a massive difference, I've hardly had any lashes fall out and they look fuller and feel great! 

If you're doubting whether you should get it. Do It! You won't regret it.


I purchased one of these lash brushes, which are available anywhere for pennies at a beauty store or eBay. Any beauty stylist doing your lashes should already be brushing them with these as they go along, so you know it's a trick worth taking back home. 

I give them a brush through every day, which helps with getting rid of any loose dust particles or lose lashes without irritating your eyes. They're great in case you get your lashes wet as it brushes out all the wetness leaving your lashes almost dry and undamaged. Such a small handily little tool yet makes all that difference.

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