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Monday, 30 May 2016

Beauty and the Brow at Benito

From feeling like a Donkey to a Unicorn or a Sloth to a Princess in the matter of 15 minutes! - Only Benito Brow Bar can give you this feeling. 

Before and after brow thread and the natural eyelash extensions 

With the importance of having good brows almost as important as choosing whether to stay in the EU! Everyone needs a brow place to go to, for them must have top ups and even a re shape. 

Thankfully I've always had thick brows but only started to love them the past couple of years, remember when thin eyebrows where "IN" - ew!  I used to overpluck until I had about three hairs left, extremely uncool! Thankfully Benito Brow Bar saved my life with the help of regular top ups, and tips on how to grow them out. Two years on I have a great shape and great thickness, they grow so quick I'm there every two weeks it's like my second home. With it being a walk in service, it comes in handy with just popping in every now and again to have a touch up. My personal highlight is when they put the cooling gel on your brows, it makes you feel like you're a human Air Wave. As you know, Aloe Vera is my ultimate beauty "must have" and Benito recommend using this for the after care of your eyebrows which is perfect for me as I always come out with my eyes watering. This isn't because it hurts it's just because my eyes are so sensitive that anything and everything makes them water. I can't bear to do my own eyebrows I pluck one and scream because it hurts, I feel like threading achieves more of a sharper shape than waxing and plucking & is loads quicker.

Brows lift the eye and lashes shape the eye, so I obviously had to have both done at the same time. I've only recently started to go and have my eyelash extensions done, as I always one of those who picks them of and messes with them. I could always feel the glue digging into my eye, it was always so sharp it made my eyes go red and sore. Fortunately Benito eyelash extensions are perfect you can't even tell you're wearing them, they're so natural and look like you have fabulous thick and long natural lashes who women everywhere are envious of. 

Benito Brow Bar has a passion to trim, tint, tweak every brow what comes in. They offer many treatments from tinting, lash extensions to HD brows. It's a palace for beauty! Threading being one of the most popular treatments you're in and out within 20 minutes and feel like a new person. Benito are growing year by year and are now in many of your favourite large retail stores - House Of Fraser and Debenhams there's really no excuse you can use not to go.

SEE MORE of my Beauty and Brow routine on the Benito Brow Bar website

If you love Benito just as much as I do let me know.


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