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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Fitness Journey - Week 2

First week was easy, second week i'm now bored!
Sticking to my PHD Woman two meal replacements a day alongside a healthy balanced lunch, I really needed to add something extra. As I love my fat burning Grenades I thought I would try their other products. Loving anything sweet and being sick of fruit, I tried the high protein snack bars by Grenade. WOW! I usually hate protein bars and their bland texture but these taste like there made from Cadburys, so thick and yummy! I actually had one for a meal the other day because it filled me up that much. Having re found my motivation, I noticed that the week started to get a bit easier. I am trying not to weigh myself every week, as personally i can get obsessed with knowing how much I weigh at different times of the day. Week 4 will be my weigh in and i'm hoping I'll be down to at least 64kg from 67kg, but whatever weight loss i have is better than losing none.

Sticking to my healthy one meal has been hard throughout Easter, as I love chocolate so much I could happily eat it all day. I'm proud of my myself for not giving into temptation - too much! I must admit I have had a few bits here and there, but as I like to say ''One bad snack won't you fat'' So don't be to hard on yourself when you're dieting. To curve my cravings I've been having the Grenade High protein bars which have over 20g of protein, I absolutely love these! they're so thick and tasty, one day I had one for a meal because it fills you up that much.

I hate planning meals for a diet so having the PHD Woman meal replacement two times a day, has helped me so much. I find that by having a good diet you need to plan and prepare meals, or else you'll end up slipping up and turning to a microwave  meal or take-away just for pure convenience. I've nearly finished my Strawberry Delight tub my next choice of flavour will be the Chocolate Cookie, i can't wait to try something new. I would recommend mixing and matching as having the same flavour for two weeks, can get tedious and you'll start to dislike the taste.

Taking my fat burners by Grenade, I love how much energy they give me without the sick or burning feeling. I'm so into this brand at the moment, i'm already addicted to the protein bars they sell. They're packaging is amazing, it makes me feel like i'm a soldier in COD. I'll continue to use these until I'm at my desired weight.

Week 2 was supposed to be my "Get back to the Gym week" and start HIIT Training. However still suffering from a  previous workout injury, i was unable to go. Feeling a lot better as the days have gone by, I'm hoping to start next week. I have some HIIT training special tablets, and WHEY protein to try alongside my workouts. I really can't wait to get back into exercising, i always feel much happier when I'm going the gym!

Within the first 7-10 days of any diet, you will always lose water weight first. I can imagine I've lost a few pounds in water weight, so next week with going the Gym it'll be goodbye Fat! I always like to wear black at the gym, as i feel it's a funeral for my fat. I can't find any cute supportive sports bras for big boobs, if you know of any brands, please email me or comment below.

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