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Friday, 4 March 2016

ITALY, Venice and Verona

Recently me and boyfriend spent our days eating, drinking and walking around the streets of Venice, what a beautiful time we had. Not only did I constantly eat pizza and pasta but the sites of Venice was literally breathtaking. I'm such a lover of city breaks and prefer them over long hot holidays. I love exploring and finding out about different cultures, especially because this is a unique city what's man made and built on water. Everything is transported by boat or water bus, such a different place to anywhere I've ever been before.
I couldn't get enough of there food I feel like they have some secret ingredient what makes their food amazing and addictive, every meal was to die for. I also took a day trip to Verona and went to see a Colosseum and visited where Romeo and Juliet done there famous lines "Romeo Romeo, where for art thou Romeo" - True or not it was still VERY romantic

From Sephora to Chanel they have the best shops around there. 

You can easily get lost little streets lead to more little streets with shops on, it was like one big maze. 

If you love romantic places then Venice is your next holiday choice


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