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Friday, 18 March 2016

Skincare Secrets

YES fresh faced and ready to bare all - with my skincare secrets of course! 
Early teens I've been obsessed with anti ageing, creams and serums, anything that can help the skin look its best! By being darker skin toned I've always been more conscious of moisturising and ex-foliating my skin purely because we are more prone to dryness and dark spots. I love trying new products to see if I can find anything better, but recently I've been sticking to using these products a few times a week. I notice a huge difference when I keep up my regime, even with applying make up everything goes on smoother. Here is what works best for me:

1. Honey and Sugar home made scrub - Using organic honey and granulated and caster sugar, I mix this into a paste and apply to my face and body. In a circular motion I scrub away to reveal clean smooth skin. I use this three times a week, especially on my forehead and nose. 

2. LACURA Caviar cream - A small pot of heaven sent down from the Beauty gods, to give us all perfect skin. This cream was only 7 pounds from ALDI and works like a 100 pound cream. There is alternative creams which have the ''Caviar'' ingredient in, however I prefer this one. This cream was featured on the day time TV programme ''This Morning" with great reviews. I use this every other morning, its very thick so I wouldn't suggest using it every day. 

3. COCONUT OIL - Organic natural and simply the best, from using it with food and drink, hair and skin the nutrients in this make it a multi use oil what will give your skin that glow.

4. LACURA Q10 - YES I do Love LACURA, as you can see! Q10 is everywhere at the minute from TV adverts to your local supermarket beauty isle. I can see why because using this cream more than once daily, really improves my complexion. Brightening and evening everything out, It's my go to moisturiser every day! 

5. LACURA Expert Serum - Serum perfection, perfect for dryness underneath your eyes. I use this before I apply my concealer to stop flakeyness and creasing. My eyes aren't that dry but I do need that little bit of help every day with this serum. 

6. ALOE VERA GEL - Another God sent product, a product what you wouldn't normally think would help in any way. This changed my life i use this all the time, about three times a day if I'm not wearing make-up. With tightening and brightening agents in, this will instantly make you look younger. 

7. CLEAN and CLEAR blackhead cleansing wash and mask - I have literally tried SO many face washes and nothing works apart from clean and clear blackhead cleansing range, it clears my skin and gives it that fresh tingle like I'm a human air wave. I use this every morning, It's great for taking all your make-up of in one wash. 

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