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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Life of a being a Girl - Annoyances.

Weave touching.
Why is it when people know you've got hair extensions do they think it's acceptable to go through your hair like you're a primate in the jungle.
Ooo are those the tracks?
Is that the weave?
Is it a dead person hair?

All the above answers are thankfully not your concern but mine please do not make me feel like you're going threw my hair picking and eating from it. Oh and no its not a dead person hair :) 

Boys trying
When I don't reply to your 63839483738 message of ''Hello, Hi, You okay? Dammm girl, Hey sup? Wanna go out sometime? Link me, U got whatsapp?'' and then the ultimate line of ''Pfft you ain't shit any ways bitch'' 
I'm sorry I bruised your ego by not reply to that chain message of useless nonsence! I thought you was a clever human and by not replying at least to the second time you would've realised I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU!

Make-up is Life
Why do people get so up themselves when other women wear a lot of make up? Why is it so hard for people to accept.
If I want to wear a cut crease, fleeky brow, on point liner and contour light bulb highlight face to Church then so be it. I'm pretty sure God will be looking down on me saying '' Yes girl you Slayyyed that look today''
We know we don't look like this when we wake up and we're fine with that, we aren't wearing make up because we're insecure and need MAC Studio fix to hide away our pain! We wear it because we simply want to, we like it and we're going to carry on doing it.
The ones who say women are frauds for wearing a lot of make up, really need to have there brains assessed. When did you ever think we naturally had gold glitter eyes? We wish but sadly we don't

We LOVE Make-up like we LOVE CHOCOLATE!

Sale Stress
I HATE Sales yet seem to go to them anyway, online & in store. I have no reason what so ever to buy things in the sale, what are last season and probably strewn all over the floor. But for some reason I have no self control and have to at least come out with something.
Even more annoying than that is somehow being given a miracle and finding an item you like, going to try it on and then it doesn't fit. You realised this before as it was a size to small, but still tried it on anyway in hoping that by breathing inand pushing your boobs to the side it will FIT! - Now its stuck on your head.

Nothing to wear
I have nothing to wear! Yes I have a lot of clothes and can't fit any more into my wardrobe, and sadly for my boyfriend he's now down to one draw. I cant wear what I wore last week to the shops to go out in, what if someone sees me and think hasn't she got any other clothes to wear? I can't wear what I wore on that picture on Instagram AGAIN how rude would it be to wear something TWICE out in the open!
I mean really why can't we recycle our clothes in the shops - wear once take it back and swap it for something else. This is a real problem for girls and people need to understand. We don't want to wear 80 percent of our wardrobe because we have a select few clothes we love mainly black nude grey or khaki, that we can't seem to be apart from. Yet can't be seen in them twice.
Don't tell us to wear that top we brought last week because we don't even like it any more, plus we brought it in the sale and it doesn't fit!


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