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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hello March

First of March already?! Where has this year gone already. I feel like soon enough well all be running around panicking trying to get last minute Christmas presents while feeling depressed about how much weight we've on. 
I love writing lists, I could write a list of what lists to write. Setting goals every month and seeing how far I've come (or not) is a way of keeping myself in check and not being to distracted which comes way to easy to me. 

''a positive thought each morning, sets you up for the day''

March goals 

1. I love connecting with brands and bloggers but this month I want to connect a whole lot more, maybe have a meet up. I totally missed out on LFW bloggers hangout, hopefully I will make it up this month. 
2. YOUTUBE is scary for me as what do I actually talk about or do, I'd just end up sitting on camera eating bourbons and talking to my dog. 
3. I get stressed so easily and work myself up, that I really need to find a way of calming myself down. I've heard meditation is excellent, so I'm going to give it a try - fingers crossed I don't laugh during the humming. 

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