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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hair Happiness - Joanne Rozalin

I Love big hair, I think I  have an Inner Pageant girl inside me because the bigger hair you have the better. I've always had hair extensions since I can remember, I probably came out the womb with a Remy weave attached. Hair just makes you feel so sexy and can change any look in an instance, from a chilled messy bun to curly sue locks.
When this brand got in touch with me I couldn't resist in saying no! I love trying new hair and seeing how it reacts after washes how it curls etc, I just love trying new hair. The amount I have stored in a draw is crazy, I could make 4 peoples wigs with it.

Joanne Rozalin Hair Extensions
From a hair extension lover to now a provider of amazing quality hair, Joanne provides one of the highest quality hair companies in the UK. She's now opened the door for products to be fitted at home, providing 100% Remy human hair lasting a minimum of 6 months. No knotting or matting - How amazing!

I received the parcel with super fast delivery and to my surprise they came in this gorgeous box wrapped neatly inside. I was so shocked as I'd ever had hair extensions in a box before I almost felt like royalty. Before I'd even opened the box I had already fell in love, you know a product is going to be good when the packaging is top quality. I'm quite knowledgeable with hair extensions as I've had them for around 12 years, so when I try a new brand I know what to look for to see how good it is.

Ends of the hair extensions - Joanne Rozalin Hair Extensions are thick to the bottom, no tapering off and thinning.
Thickness - You could easily use one set of hair extensions for a full head they are so thick!
The feel - They felt amazing I couldn't stop touching them
Styling - I tested them out by curling then straightening then curling them back again, I even washed them and they STILL remained like brand new.

I cant recommend this hair enough, i feel like a Loreal advert - and we're all worth it right?

The Joanne Rozalin website has items from hair care products, ponytails, Brazilian lose body wave wefts to Remy clip ins, all at affordable prices. See all her links by clicking on them below:

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