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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Fitness Journey - Week 1

I Love fitness and being healthy, yet I never follow through and stick to a plan. Wanting a fit and healthy lifestyle then actually doing something about it, are so far apart that most the time I give up after a week. I've always been ''slim'' but never been fit, I eat what I want and when I want. This past year I've started to notice the weight creeping on, to other people its not so obvious but to me and my self esteem its been a huge shock!
So now the time has come to get BODY CONFIDENT and I'm taking all my readers along with me. This is such a personal journey that I'm unsure if I should do videos along with it, I've set a poll alongside my blog so please vote if you prefer fitness blogs or fitness videos.

Weight: 67kg
Height: 5 ft 6

This week I'm getting my meals and mindset in the right place, I find that if I do to much in the first week I give up and think I've done enough. I'm having a meal replacement twice a day and taking Grenade Fat burning tablets also. It is SO important to be in the right frame of mind to being fit and healthy, it isn't just for a few weeks, it's a lifestyle change. Many people put the weight back on as they stop after a short while and go back to their old habits, to keep it up it takes a lot of willpower.

I have one food meal a day, I prefer to break it up and have it at lunchtime this will be a mix of -
Brown rice
Brown Pasta

For snacks I love fruit and dark chocolate. I usually get cravings around evening time, so its really important for me to have a snack so I don't get side tracked and have a Mcdonalds.

Water Intake
You should always drink 2 litres of water a day anyway but with having supplements you need drink near the 3 litre mark, this isn't as easy as it sounds especially for myself who can survive of a glass of pop a day. I love how easy and convenient my Aquatiser is for filling up and slotting into my bag.

I have two meal replacements from PHD Women in Strawberry Delight, in the morning and evening. Each serving is around 200 calories, I can honestly say this fills you up and tastes so nice, they do three flavours - Strawberry Delight, Chocolate Cookie and Vanilla Cream.

I've done a lot of research into which meal replacement to take and this to me is one of the best. Don't get being drawn into all the ''models'' promoting healthy supplements, you want to find REAL women who have gone on a journey using the product, not the ones who are already fit and giving you a discount code.

GRENADE Thermo Detonator
These are not as scary as they sound, they are to help with energy and fat burning. As these are Thermo tablets, some people say you will feel a burning sensation or acid type feeling, however I only get a slight warmth in my chest 20 minutes after taking them. As I'm having two meal replacements a day this decreases my energy and should make me feel lethargic. With taking the Grenades alongside with them, this minimises that and helps me feel energetic - VERY energetic. I can't wait to start the Gym next week as I know I will see a huge difference in my fitness levels by using the Grenades. If you are going to try these I suggest you buy the day packs and see how you get on for the first two days.

I am know expert in fitness, this is just my journey and my weight loss story.


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