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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Fitness Journey - Week 1

I Love fitness and being healthy, yet I never follow through and stick to a plan. Wanting a fit and healthy lifestyle then actually doing something about it, are so far apart that most the time I give up after a week. I've always been ''slim'' but never been fit, I eat what I want and when I want. This past year I've started to notice the weight creeping on, to other people its not so obvious but to me and my self esteem its been a huge shock!
So now the time has come to get BODY CONFIDENT and I'm taking all my readers along with me. This is such a personal journey that I'm unsure if I should do videos along with it, I've set a poll alongside my blog so please vote if you prefer fitness blogs or fitness videos.

Weight: 67kg
Height: 5 ft 6

This week I'm getting my meals and mindset in the right place, I find that if I do to much in the first week I give up and think I've done enough. I'm having a meal replacement twice a day and taking Grenade Fat burning tablets also. It is SO important to be in the right frame of mind to being fit and healthy, it isn't just for a few weeks, it's a lifestyle change. Many people put the weight back on as they stop after a short while and go back to their old habits, to keep it up it takes a lot of willpower.

I have one food meal a day, I prefer to break it up and have it at lunchtime this will be a mix of -
Brown rice
Brown Pasta

For snacks I love fruit and dark chocolate. I usually get cravings around evening time, so its really important for me to have a snack so I don't get side tracked and have a Mcdonalds.

Water Intake
You should always drink 2 litres of water a day anyway but with having supplements you need drink near the 3 litre mark, this isn't as easy as it sounds especially for myself who can survive of a glass of pop a day. I love how easy and convenient my Aquatiser is for filling up and slotting into my bag.

I have two meal replacements from PHD Women in Strawberry Delight, in the morning and evening. Each serving is around 200 calories, I can honestly say this fills you up and tastes so nice, they do three flavours - Strawberry Delight, Chocolate Cookie and Vanilla Cream.

I've done a lot of research into which meal replacement to take and this to me is one of the best. Don't get being drawn into all the ''models'' promoting healthy supplements, you want to find REAL women who have gone on a journey using the product, not the ones who are already fit and giving you a discount code.

GRENADE Thermo Detonator
These are not as scary as they sound, they are to help with energy and fat burning. As these are Thermo tablets, some people say you will feel a burning sensation or acid type feeling, however I only get a slight warmth in my chest 20 minutes after taking them. As I'm having two meal replacements a day this decreases my energy and should make me feel lethargic. With taking the Grenades alongside with them, this minimises that and helps me feel energetic - VERY energetic. I can't wait to start the Gym next week as I know I will see a huge difference in my fitness levels by using the Grenades. If you are going to try these I suggest you buy the day packs and see how you get on for the first two days.

I am know expert in fitness, this is just my journey and my weight loss story.



Saturday, 26 March 2016

Make-Up Madness Part Two - Feeling Smokey

Everyone loves a smokey eye and a nude lip. You can be as messy as you like with it and it will still look good.


Friday, 25 March 2016

Bank Holiday Make-up Madness

- Keep your heart pure, your intentions focused and everything else will remain clear. 

I love trying out new looks and seeing where make up can take you , so I'm blogging about all my favourite make up looks over the bank holiday weekend. Daytime and night time looks perfect if you're going out this weekend and need some Inspo. 
Hope you love them just as much as I do.


Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hair Happiness - Joanne Rozalin

I Love big hair, I think I  have an Inner Pageant girl inside me because the bigger hair you have the better. I've always had hair extensions since I can remember, I probably came out the womb with a Remy weave attached. Hair just makes you feel so sexy and can change any look in an instance, from a chilled messy bun to curly sue locks.
When this brand got in touch with me I couldn't resist in saying no! I love trying new hair and seeing how it reacts after washes how it curls etc, I just love trying new hair. The amount I have stored in a draw is crazy, I could make 4 peoples wigs with it.

Joanne Rozalin Hair Extensions
From a hair extension lover to now a provider of amazing quality hair, Joanne provides one of the highest quality hair companies in the UK. She's now opened the door for products to be fitted at home, providing 100% Remy human hair lasting a minimum of 6 months. No knotting or matting - How amazing!

I received the parcel with super fast delivery and to my surprise they came in this gorgeous box wrapped neatly inside. I was so shocked as I'd ever had hair extensions in a box before I almost felt like royalty. Before I'd even opened the box I had already fell in love, you know a product is going to be good when the packaging is top quality. I'm quite knowledgeable with hair extensions as I've had them for around 12 years, so when I try a new brand I know what to look for to see how good it is.

Ends of the hair extensions - Joanne Rozalin Hair Extensions are thick to the bottom, no tapering off and thinning.
Thickness - You could easily use one set of hair extensions for a full head they are so thick!
The feel - They felt amazing I couldn't stop touching them
Styling - I tested them out by curling then straightening then curling them back again, I even washed them and they STILL remained like brand new.

I cant recommend this hair enough, i feel like a Loreal advert - and we're all worth it right?

The Joanne Rozalin website has items from hair care products, ponytails, Brazilian lose body wave wefts to Remy clip ins, all at affordable prices. See all her links by clicking on them below:


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Life of a being a Girl - Annoyances.

Weave touching.
Why is it when people know you've got hair extensions do they think it's acceptable to go through your hair like you're a primate in the jungle.
Ooo are those the tracks?
Is that the weave?
Is it a dead person hair?

All the above answers are thankfully not your concern but mine please do not make me feel like you're going threw my hair picking and eating from it. Oh and no its not a dead person hair :) 

Boys trying
When I don't reply to your 63839483738 message of ''Hello, Hi, You okay? Dammm girl, Hey sup? Wanna go out sometime? Link me, U got whatsapp?'' and then the ultimate line of ''Pfft you ain't shit any ways bitch'' 
I'm sorry I bruised your ego by not reply to that chain message of useless nonsence! I thought you was a clever human and by not replying at least to the second time you would've realised I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU!

Make-up is Life
Why do people get so up themselves when other women wear a lot of make up? Why is it so hard for people to accept.
If I want to wear a cut crease, fleeky brow, on point liner and contour light bulb highlight face to Church then so be it. I'm pretty sure God will be looking down on me saying '' Yes girl you Slayyyed that look today''
We know we don't look like this when we wake up and we're fine with that, we aren't wearing make up because we're insecure and need MAC Studio fix to hide away our pain! We wear it because we simply want to, we like it and we're going to carry on doing it.
The ones who say women are frauds for wearing a lot of make up, really need to have there brains assessed. When did you ever think we naturally had gold glitter eyes? We wish but sadly we don't

We LOVE Make-up like we LOVE CHOCOLATE!

Sale Stress
I HATE Sales yet seem to go to them anyway, online & in store. I have no reason what so ever to buy things in the sale, what are last season and probably strewn all over the floor. But for some reason I have no self control and have to at least come out with something.
Even more annoying than that is somehow being given a miracle and finding an item you like, going to try it on and then it doesn't fit. You realised this before as it was a size to small, but still tried it on anyway in hoping that by breathing inand pushing your boobs to the side it will FIT! - Now its stuck on your head.

Nothing to wear
I have nothing to wear! Yes I have a lot of clothes and can't fit any more into my wardrobe, and sadly for my boyfriend he's now down to one draw. I cant wear what I wore last week to the shops to go out in, what if someone sees me and think hasn't she got any other clothes to wear? I can't wear what I wore on that picture on Instagram AGAIN how rude would it be to wear something TWICE out in the open!
I mean really why can't we recycle our clothes in the shops - wear once take it back and swap it for something else. This is a real problem for girls and people need to understand. We don't want to wear 80 percent of our wardrobe because we have a select few clothes we love mainly black nude grey or khaki, that we can't seem to be apart from. Yet can't be seen in them twice.
Don't tell us to wear that top we brought last week because we don't even like it any more, plus we brought it in the sale and it doesn't fit!



Monday, 21 March 2016

SS16 Make up trends

Everyone always wants to know the latest Fashion trends of the season, they even have a whole catwalk and press release about it! BUT what about make up trends? You have to style your face just as perfectl as your body. 

Put on some RED Lipstick & Live a Little
Red lips is definitely a WOW factor! So finding a red lipstick to suit you is sometimes quite hard. 
First Rule - Always find one with a blue under tone, this will instantly make your teeth look whiter and brighter. The key to pulling this trend of is wearing it YOUR way, don't try and copy looks from Instagram Inspo posts, and magazines. You want to feel comfortable and confident with that little bit of Sass about you *Two Snaps* 
For me I prefer the simple soft look with smudged out red lips and a feline flick. 

Here are some perfect reds to suit all skin tones. 

Bronzed God and Goddess roled into one. 
Bronzed sun kissed look is back as it is every year, but who can resist that touched by a gold goddess look? Just applying bronzer can change your whole face, from lightly contouring, to just adding that warmth to your skin. It instantly gives you that Pregnancy glow what everyone loves - just without the pregnancy. From a day glow to a night glow, you can team it up with any eye or lip combo to suit your skin tone. 
I like the bronzed highlight all over my face where it looks like I've just dipped my head into a bowl of shimmer. I always use bronze colours to warm up my bottom lashes and then add a cream shimmer to my eyelids with a simple eyelash and to finish it of a nude or orange lip. 

Here are some great bronzers 

Vamps in the sun
DO NOT THROW AWAY THOSE DARK COLOURS just yet! You make think I'm going crazy but honestly keep those berry lipstick at hand. For all you dark lip lovers Vamp look is in for SS16. From berries in your cocktail to berry on your lips, your spring/summer will be just as fruity. Just like the red lip trend the berry one needs careful finding, cool and warm tones need to be considered.

Here are some Berry good ones... 

Sunset on my eyes
This season we're extending the usually reserved for the lips pinks - to the eyes, where they are just as pretty and cute. The instant girlyness for wearing pink rivals any trend, making you feel like a cute fluff ball. Suiting every skin tone and instantly make your eyes POP. Seeing the pink on Kylie Jenner last year has really brought it back on trend! 
So Flutter those lashes girls. It's PINK to make those boys WINK.

Perfect pinks



Sunday, 20 March 2016

Peanuts Journey

- What a wonderful world we would live in if everyone had the same heart as dogs. 

From the moment I saw this little fluff ball I knew she was the one, tiny and cute she melted my heart at the first site. I couldn't believe that we had actually found our perfect dog. 
Peanut had a rough start to life, she was the smallest of the litter and had kennel cough what lasted for weeks. At one point I didn't think she would make it. But with constant love and her breeder being amazing, she pulled through & we was finally allowed to take her home. 

YES! She's not the Angel she looks she has tested my patience many times with toilet training and barking in the night, but she gives me so much love and laughter that I wouldn't change her for the world. 

Her temperant is so loving and joyful, she really does brighten up my day if I'm feeling down. She's 1 years old on the 21st May, Two days after my birthday so we're going to have a joint celebration. 
She has a best friend which is a CAT! Believe it or not they love playing with each other but I think it's time for her to meet dogs now. So we've decided that later on this year, we'll get her a dog friend to play with :) 



Friday, 18 March 2016

Skincare Secrets

YES fresh faced and ready to bare all - with my skincare secrets of course! 
Early teens I've been obsessed with anti ageing, creams and serums, anything that can help the skin look its best! By being darker skin toned I've always been more conscious of moisturising and ex-foliating my skin purely because we are more prone to dryness and dark spots. I love trying new products to see if I can find anything better, but recently I've been sticking to using these products a few times a week. I notice a huge difference when I keep up my regime, even with applying make up everything goes on smoother. Here is what works best for me:

1. Honey and Sugar home made scrub - Using organic honey and granulated and caster sugar, I mix this into a paste and apply to my face and body. In a circular motion I scrub away to reveal clean smooth skin. I use this three times a week, especially on my forehead and nose. 

2. LACURA Caviar cream - A small pot of heaven sent down from the Beauty gods, to give us all perfect skin. This cream was only 7 pounds from ALDI and works like a 100 pound cream. There is alternative creams which have the ''Caviar'' ingredient in, however I prefer this one. This cream was featured on the day time TV programme ''This Morning" with great reviews. I use this every other morning, its very thick so I wouldn't suggest using it every day. 

3. COCONUT OIL - Organic natural and simply the best, from using it with food and drink, hair and skin the nutrients in this make it a multi use oil what will give your skin that glow.

4. LACURA Q10 - YES I do Love LACURA, as you can see! Q10 is everywhere at the minute from TV adverts to your local supermarket beauty isle. I can see why because using this cream more than once daily, really improves my complexion. Brightening and evening everything out, It's my go to moisturiser every day! 

5. LACURA Expert Serum - Serum perfection, perfect for dryness underneath your eyes. I use this before I apply my concealer to stop flakeyness and creasing. My eyes aren't that dry but I do need that little bit of help every day with this serum. 

6. ALOE VERA GEL - Another God sent product, a product what you wouldn't normally think would help in any way. This changed my life i use this all the time, about three times a day if I'm not wearing make-up. With tightening and brightening agents in, this will instantly make you look younger. 

7. CLEAN and CLEAR blackhead cleansing wash and mask - I have literally tried SO many face washes and nothing works apart from clean and clear blackhead cleansing range, it clears my skin and gives it that fresh tingle like I'm a human air wave. I use this every morning, It's great for taking all your make-up of in one wash. 


Thursday, 17 March 2016

Purple Haze

Part Two of my romantic looks.
How nice are these burgundy shades. They suit any eye colour, teaming up with a pink or nude lip completes the look.

Face: MAC studio sculpt 
Concealer: MAC pro longwear 
Contour: CONTOUR COSMETICS palette 1
Eyebrows: SLEEK dark brow palette 
Blusher: RIMMEL natural bronzer NARS orgasm
Highlight: MAC soft and gentle
Eyeshadow: MAC burgundy x9 palette 
Eyelashes: KISS CHERRY lashes Flirt 



Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Romantic eyes got me Hypnotized.

Here's my first make up look from my anniversary celebration.
- You know you're in love when you see the world in his eyes. 

Face: MAC studio sculpt 
Concealer: CONTOUR COSMETICS palette 1
Contour: SLEEK contour palette Dark
Blusher: RIMMEL natural bronzer
NARS orgasm
Eyeshadow: MAC Burgundy x9 eyeshadow palette 
Lips: MAC lipstick Taupe
Brows: SLEEK eyebrow palette Dark 



52 weeks of Heaven

This week has been so romantic and it's only Wednesday?! Yesterday we celebrated our first year anniversary - 52 weeks of pure bliss. I've had the best year of my life and learnt and grown so much all thanks to my boyfriend. I'm a firm believer in being in a lifting relationship. When things get tough or you feel down, your partner should be that support to make you feel secure and motivate you into something better. Being best friends and getting closer by the day, has made me love life and feel so positive.
I was trying to name five best things that we've done this year but there has been so many I can't choose. From just chilling watching movie after movie and eating dominoes, to getting a puppy and going Venice. Every day I'm so grateful and appreciate everything, because I'm so lucky to have found my soul mate.



Monday, 14 March 2016

Blue Monday's

Feeling Blue? 
Bright colours on the eyes are so beautiful, this blue and gold makes your eyes pop and I LOVE it! 

Face: MAC studio fix 
Concealer: NARS creamy concealer 
Contour: CONTOUR COSMETICS palette 1
Highlight: SLEEK precious metals 
Eyebrows: SLEEK dark brow palette
Eyeshadow: NYX box of eyeshadows 112 colours - blues 
URBAN DECAY Naked palette 2 - gold 
Lips: MAYBELLINE honey beige lipstick 



Saturday, 12 March 2016

Sleek - Quickie

Orange and Black
This eye make up look taken me about 15 minutes. Using only a matte orange brown and a black on the outer corners. Quick night time Glam for after work drinks. 

Face: MAC face and body foundation 
Concealer: MAC pro longwear concealer
Contour: CONTOUR COSMETICS palette 1
Highlight: MAC soft and gentle 
Eyeshadow: SLEEK vintage romance I-divine
Lips: MAC retro liquid lip colour mademoiselle 
Brows: SLEEK eyebrow set in Dark
Lashes: ELDORA


Friday, 11 March 2016

Sleek - Pink to make them wink

Feeling Pink? Get the look below 

Face - MAC face and body foundation 
Concealer and contour - CONTOUR COSMETICS palette 1 
Blusher - RIMMEL natural bronzer 
Highlight - SLEEK highlighting palette precious metals 
Eyeshadow - SLEEK I-divine palette sunset 
Lips - KYLIE cosmetics in KoKo K with gloss over 
Eyelashes - ELDORA 


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