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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Get that Glow

Contour what?! That's right the contour is out and natural glow is in! Finally a make up trend that everyone can achieve without doing the clown look. 2016 is all about highlighting or in new terms "strobing" I've always loved a highlight especially the sun kissed summer glow. It makes you look healthy and happy. Now strobing is technically highlighting just without the contour, its all about looking glowing without the harshness of contour underneath. However you can strobe/highlight any way you want.
My favourite thing about this technique is that you've probably already got the products at home to do this yourself so you don't need to buy into any so called new strobing palettes. It's all about finding your favourite highlighter and applying it. Easy right?! Exactly. 

Cheers to the healthy glow of 2016! 

Fake bake tinted body glow for face and body. This product is great for body applications, especially wearing low cut tops. I love applying this into my foundation and working it into my face to give me that fresh sun kissed glow.

MAC Shell cream colour base. This is a gorgeous pink shimmer highlight, perfect for the higher cheek bone to give you a warm subtle glow. I use this on my inner corners of my eyes to make them POP!

Sleek precious metals palette. This has four shades, three which are cream and one powder. For this make up look I used the lighter shade which is a white base cream highlighter. I love this palette especially because it lasts all day, and is something you can build into more of a brighter highlight.

Urban decay luminous highlight. This is perfect for the beginners who don't want the ''HELLO I'm over here'' highlight. if you're looking for something very subtle then this is the one, I love how easy this is to apply all over the face for an instant fresh radiant glow.




Sunday, 17 January 2016

Skincare - Bioxidea

I'm a beauty-holic!

People could sell me animal poo as a face mask and I would buy into it! So whenever I see a company claiming to ''Lift, plump, tighten and brighten'' I'M ALL IN! I love anything that will make my skin look better and keep my youthful look for as long as possible. This facial claims that is a 48 hour Gold face & body lift providing a unique effective nourishment to the face and also the body when dissolved in water. The facial helps to remove impurities, reduce dullness leaving the skin soft and supple.
My skin has never felt so soft, it was like pure silk. Actually better than silk! My skin looked brighter and definitely much tighter around my forehead. Even though it claims that its a 48 hour face lift, my skin still felt amazing 3 days later. The key to having good skin is upkeep and routine, I like to do face masks every week and I can see myself using this for a very long time. My skin looked so good even under my make up it gave me a healthy glow and made everything look smoother.



Sarvin Clothing

Hey lovelies,

So after a year of been out of the modelling business, I'm now back! With my first job modelling the new collection for Sarvin Clark. Needless to say I was very nervous but everyone made me feel so welcome, and being dressed in gorgeous designs certainly stomped out any lingering nerves I may have had These designs fit gorgeous and couldn't resist buying a few myself, I find them so flattering and really make me feel good whenever I wear them.

Designer: Sarvin Clark
Stylist: Diana Zen
Photographer: Emma Wilson
MUA: Charlotte Marie
Hair stylist: Marta Power

Visit for more styles.

- Loren-Renee

Feeling Sleek

Everyone has heard of Sleek make up & if you haven't? Where have you been exactly! This is a brand you can always count on to look amazing and won't break your bank at the end of it.
The I-Divine palettes are something only a magician could have made, very pigmented colours in compact eye-shadow palettes to suit every person.
Recently they have changed the game in their very own highlighting palettes, from a subtle strobing technique to a light bulb highlight, whichever you prefer you can build up using their fab 3 shade highlighting palettes.

Sleek Make-up - I-Divine palettes Storm and Sunset
Sleek Make-up Precious metals highlighting palette



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